Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List #summer #5after5

Welcome back to the 5 after 5! After a long week come and share your list of 5! Each week we will have a new topic for the following Saturday! So think of your great 5 After 5 List and come link up with us! This week is Summer Bucket List!

I’m not really ready for summer or ready to have summer bucket list! How about you? We’re pretty laid back and homebodies 🙂 SO my list is pretty simple!

Summer Bucket List

Park and Picnics

My daughter has just been begging to go on a picnic at the park! We’ve already gone once but hope to get in a few more!


We love to read around here! So we will be fitting that in pretty much everyday! My list of want to read has been getting long! We usually check out between 40-60 picture books each library trip 😉

Beach Trip

We try to make one trip to the beach each year even though it is only about and hour away we don’t go very often but we look forward to our trip each year!

Decluttering and Organizing

We haven been trying to get rid of things we don’t need or use and organize all other stuff…like the attic…I just bought 5 big bins from target this week. This isn’t necessarily fun but it is so nice to get done and helps in the long run.


We do a lot of Pick Your Own and visit our local farmers market each week! We can or freeze items so we have nice local low spray or organic food. And PYO can be so much fun!

Hope your ready for a fabulous summer! Next weeks topic is Summer Reading list!

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