Should you join a christian women's fitness challenge #faithfulfinishlines #weightloss #health #fitness

Should You Join a Christian Women’s Fitness Challenge

Should you join a Christian Women’s Fitness challenge? There are so many weight loss challenges out there how can you know which one will be good for you? Actually I have tried a couple of others but there’s something different about Faithful Finish Lines. It’s specifically for Christian Women! Reasons To Consider Joining Faithful Finish […]

Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp Sleep. Do you get enough sleep? If not it could be what is causing you to not lose and gain weight! #weightloss #fitness #health

Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp Sleep

Do you get enough sleep? Did you know your sleep patterns or the lack there of can effect you weight loss? Welcome to the fifth week of Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp. Each week we will be working on a new habit that will help us along in our journey. It is so easy to […]

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