Terrafit Challenge Conclusion

terrafit challenge conclusion

WOW! the terrafit challenge ended last week. It actually went by quicker then I thought it would. So 3 month later where am I after completing a challenge?

Weight Loss

During the challenge I lost a total of 9 lbs. Not a lot of weight for 12 weeks. I was SURPRISED that I made it in the top 100 (#96) for weight loss points. I had so many week where I maintained and didn’t get any weight loss points. I still have 20 more pounds that I would like to lose and I will continue to work on it. Just because the official challenge has ended I will continue to challenge myself to reach my goals.

Habits to Keep

Here are some of the habits that I will take away from the terrafit challenge. Some of them I already did before but this made them more permanent.

Water- I will keep drinking lot of water throughout the day. I notice that when I get busy with the little kiddos that I forget to drink water. I have gotten into the habit of making sure I fill and drink my bottle of water before my next meal to make sure I am getting adequate water!

Oils- I will continue to use my essential oils. I have learned more about them and want to increase that knowledge.

Exercise- I can tell a difference on the days that I don’t exercise. My energy level goes down. I just love how I feel after I exercise and I still have more weight to lose! I plan on using Lindsey Brin’s DVDs.

Healthy Eating- I have learned more about healthy eating and being aware more of what I am eating. I found that eating six small meals a day really doesn’t work for me. I will still continue to do THM.

Motivation- Motivation helps you get going and habits keep you going. I will daily review why I am on this journey for weight loss and will continue to keep myself motivated and replace bad habits with healthy habits.


I enjoyed doing this challenge and was challenged to create at better healthier lifestyle. Are you looking to do a terrafit challenge? Leave me a comment and we will get the info to on how you can participate! Would I do another challenge? Yes but I’m not signing up for the next one right now but I would definitely consider doing another one!


Congratulations to  Elizabeth Sullens for winning our fitness giveaway!

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