Terrafit Synopsis Week 2 (Giveaway)

week 2 synopsis

I fee like this challenge is going by fast! Maybe that is a sign I need to push myself harder. Week 2 was a little more challenging. And I was terrible at taking pictures of what I ate all week but I am going to try to get more this coming week! Here is a sneak peek into last week!


TerraFit Synopsis Week 2

What I did For Exercise

Monday- Lean Muscle Month 1 chest, back arms, 2 mile walk

Tuesday-Energizing Cardio and Chisel ABS, 2 mile walk

Wednesday- Rest day, 2 mile walk

Thursday-Lean Muscle Month 1- Legs and Shoulders, Lindsey Brin 35 min of Cardio

Friday-Kick Boxing and Stretching

Saturday-Lean Muscle Month 1 Full Body

Sunday-Rest Day

I really have to say I am having a hard time wanting to do the Terrafit exercise DVDs I find the lady that leads them really annoying. I just purchased the Lindsey Brin Pretty Fierce Weight Loss  DVDS and I might switch to those. I have been a big fan of her DVDs for the last couple of years! But I do want the point from using the Terrafit ones so I am a little torn.

What Oils I Used

Slim and Sassy- I use this 3 times a day. I use almost every day.

Peppermint- I love peppermint I use it before I exercise. I also like to defuse it with wild orange.

Lemon- I use lemon in my water as a detox. I use 1/2 a fresh lemon with stevia. I only did this once last week(3 times that day).

Trim Shake- I use this 1-2 times a day as a meal replacement.

Mito2Max- I take this before exercising in the mornings

Larissa and I are going to be putting some post together including more information on these products!

What I ate this Week

I will post pictures each week of what I ate. I don’t think I am going to put my food log up here each week. It takes a lot of time to do that. I will also share some of the recipes I used that I think you might enjoy. I will tell you what I had for my free meal and if I cheated at all to keep me accountable.

Week 2

My Free meal for this week was Outback. We went out for our 3rd anniversary. I had Steak Tacos with a salad (instead of the fries that come with the meal) and French Onion soup and I didn’t eat the bread on it. I shared my meal with my daughter and my hubby ate one of the 3 tacos.

I had 2 other “cheats/off plan foods.” I went out to eat after the park on Friday with the kiddos. I didn’t plan well here! I also had ice cream with a friend and our kids.  I couldn’t resist! Sarah is a bad influence LOL 🙂

Some Recipes I used this week

Berry Sauce on my yogurt. I do use more berries than she does.

Spaghetti Squash instead of noodles for Spaghetti for dinner one night. Very yummy and an easy way to get in more veggies.

Paleo Pancakes

Looking for for more THM recipes? You can check out my pinterest board. Most recipes are Terrafit approved too!
Follow Motivated Days’s board THM on Pinterest.

Motivation I found

Favorite quote from last week “Junk food your craved for an hour, or the body you’ve craved for a life time? Your decision.”

My daughter. She watches everything that I do and wants to be like mommy 🙂 I want to set a good example for her! She said to last week, “exercise with mommy.” I usually exercise before she gets up! She runs around the house and does squats all the time saying “exercising!” LOVE HER! She is my inspiration for sure!

I found it very helpful that one of our daily challenges was to post pictures of all the food we ate for one day. It was good to see what others were eating it gave me some idea and helped me see their portion sizes for each meal.

Tips for beginner runners by a beginner runner!

I’m not a runner! But found this helpful! I do love to walk 🙂

My Weight loss for this week was 1.8 lbs.

30.4 -1.8= 28.6 more to go!

I did not do my measurements I will probably just do those once a month. Here are comparison pics. Not a big difference but I do want to keep track!

weight loss progress

My Points

Weight loss Points 26

My cumulative points 1472

Our Team  5466



First Winner will get:

  • Pretty Fierce Weight Loss DVD DOWNLOAD
  • Trim Shake
  • 5 Deep Blue Rubs Samples


 Second Winner will get

  • Fitness planner
  • doTERRA Slim and Sassy
  • 5 Deep Blue Rub Samples





 *31 product has been cancelled 🙁 * a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Oh this is awesome! I like how you shared so much about your journey to get healthy. Your meal plan sounds great. I’m pregnant at the moment, so I’m really focused on eating healthy and working out!

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