TerraFit Synopsis Week 3

3 Weeks down and 9 more to go! This has been a great challenge for me. I find it motivating and love the push it gives to stay on track with my goals.  Come take a peak and see how I did last week and don’t forget our great giveaway to help you reach your fitness goals!

terrafitchallenge w3

TerraFit Synopsis Week 3

What I did For Exercise

Monday- Lean Muscle Month 1 chest, back arms, 2 mile walk

Tuesday-Energizing Cardio and Chisel ABS, 2 mile walk

Wednesday- Rest day, 2 mile walk

Thursday-Lean Muscle Month 1- Legs and Shoulders, Lindsey Brin 35 min of Cardio

Friday- Cardio Plyometrics  and Core A

Saturday-Lean Muscle Month 1 Full Body

Sunday-Rest Day

OK so like I said last week I don’t care for the terrafit exercise DVDs for multiple reasons. I want to be challenged in my work out but not annoyed by them. I received my new Lindsey Brin Pretty Fierce Weight Loss DVD in the mail last week. I did the fitness test and did day one of exercise on Friday. It was challenging and I felt WOW after words and wanted to do it again…but I was done in! I want that everyday! So I am switching to using these DVDs for the rest of the challenge which mean I wont be getting all my points so I need to make sure I get all my points in every other area. Getting  what I want/need during my exercise time is more important than points and will help me reach my goals in the long run!

What Oils I Used

Slim and Sassy- I use this 3 times a day. I use almost every day.

Peppermint- I love peppermint I use it before I exercise. I also like to defuse it with wild orange.

Trim Shake- I use this 1-2 times a day as a meal replacement.

Mito2Max- I take this before exercising in the mornings

What I ate this Week

OK so ummm yeah no pics this week! Sorry no new ones but I have already been better this week!

No free meal or cheats this week! I did have some major cravings but did not give in to the temptation!

Some Recipes I used this week

Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein– This was really yummy! I added leftover chicken to this. (my hubby is not a fan of meatless meals) My 2-year-old loved it! I actually made this, this week but it was so good I wanted to share it this week!

Good Girl Moon Shine- If you follow THM you are familiar with this recipe! I like to make mine with  Fruit Herbal tea, 2 T Apple Cider vinegar, Stevia, ginger chilled over ice!

Some of my THM drinks are on my drink board instead of my THM board…need some inspiration? I love to find new drinks to mix things up!
Follow Motivated Days’s board Drinks on Pinterest.

Motivation I found

Favorite Quote from last week “Excuses are Useless, Results are Priceless.” and  “Sweat is Fat Crying”

My Hubby to not let me give into cravings! I actually didn’t have any cheats or a free meal last week!

My Weight loss for this week was .8 lbs.


OK so not a huge loss for last week. But it was a huge  victory that I didn’t gain anything and lost almost a pound! It was that time of the month last week and I usually gain not lose. Sorry if that is too much TMI. I will take the .8 and keep going!! 🙂

My Points

Weight loss Points 12

My cumulative points 2142

Our Team 8050

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    1. Yes! I wish I would have kept up with this when I was younger! I lost a lot of weight before I married but gained it back because I didn’t keep up with it! It is a lot harder now then it was then!

  1. Good for you! I didn’t lose any last week but it’s okay I was on vacay! 🙂 I didn’t know you were doing the LB pretty fierce weight loss dvds!!! I love them! And I feel like I’m challenged every day! Sometimes I just have to stop the dvd player to catch my breath! Which dvds of hers have you done before?

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