Terrafit Synopsis Week 8

We have one more month left of this challenge! It has gone by faster than I thought it would. Keeping focus on my goals all the time can be a challenge. I daily have to remind myself on why I am on this journey and have to tell myself not to give up and I can do this! It is a long road but I will make it!

terrafitchallenge w8

Terrafit Synopsis Week 8

What I did For Exercise

Monday-Tabata, Muscle Splits:out/inner/clutes

Tuesday- Muscle Splits: chest/back/shoulders and Core

Wednesday- Cardio Plyometrics and Muscle Splits: Quads/Ham

Thursday-Muscle Splits: Nis/Tris and Core, Cardio

Friday- Tabata

Saturday- Shredding and Core

Sunday- Rest

I am doing the Pretty Fierce Weight Loss by Lindsey Brin! I have loved using her other workout DVDs for the past few years and these have not disappointed me! I started week 3 of the Pretty Fierce Weight Loss it was a challenge and I have not worked in doing her Finale or the bonus core workouts yet.

What Oils I Used

Metabolic Blend- I use this 3 times a day. I use almost every day.

Peppermint- I love peppermint I use it before I exercise. I also like to defuse it with wild orange.

Protien Shake- I use this 1-2 times a day as a meal replacement.

What I ate this Week

I have started to keep my eating more simple to keep me on track here is what I usually eat:

Breakfast- eggs with veggies or Shrinker Terrafit Style

Snack- Healthy Snack option”

Lunch- Salad

Snack- Veggies and hummus or cream cheese

Dinner- meat and veggies

Snack- Healthy Snack option or FSF

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Motivation I found

Favorite Quote of the Week: ” “I already know what giving up feel like, I want to see what happens if I don’t.”

Losing Weight is Simple by changing this one thing


My Weight loss for this week was 1lbs.


My Points

Weight loss Points 15

My cumulative points 5289

Our Team 18651

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