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It is hard to believe TERRAfit week 1 is already done! OK so results are in for the first week and now we are into TERRAfit week 2. Overall the first week went well. I think there are somethings that I can work on this week to improve my results they weren’t bad but I definitely wanted to lose more than I did.  I WILL have better results in week 2! I WILL push myself harder (my little self talk! motivation!) OK now on to my synopsis!

Terrafit Week 1 Synopsis

What I did for Exercise

I am doing the TERRAfit videos for this challenge. This week I made one change because of helping my hubby with a BIG project during the weekend but I did complete all five workouts just switched a rest day around…well I did rest I just didn’t do a formal workout but I did work my muscles 😉

Monday- Lean Muscle Month 1 chest, back arms, 2 mile walk

Tuesday-Energizing Cardio and Chisel ABS, 2 mile walk

Wednesday- Rest day

Thursday-Lean Muscle Month 1- Legs and Shoulders

Friday-Rest Day, 1 mile walk

Saturday-Kick Boxing and Stretching

Sunday-Lean Muscle Month 1 Full Body, 2 mile walk

I have been challenged during most of the works out and sore afterwards. I can improve on pushing myself during the set of cardio more. I do think that the DVDs are a challenge for me but there are somethings that I just don’t like, they’re minor things and not deal breakers with using the DVDs. I do feel I will benefit from them.  My second rest day should have been on Sunday not Friday.

This is what I did Friday

ceilingWe took out our drop ceiling. Holding drywall above your head while my hubby put the post into place is no easy task! We still have 2 more to go!

What Oils I used this week:

We earn bonus points for using oils/products. Everyday I used slim and sassy 3 times a day. I find I like it mix in chilled tea.

I used peppermint in the mornings before working out. In one of the work out videos they suggest one drop on your hands than inhaling a few times to energize you. It does wake you up! I suggest using in on a tissue and not your hands…so you don’t accidentally touch your eyes or face while working out. I also used it in coconut oil and applied topically.

I have used the deep blue rub and it definitely helps with sore muscles. It is very strong and leaves a tingling sensation and last for a couple of hours. The first time I used it was before bed…wont do that again!

I have used the Mito2Max supplement in place of having coffee in the morning. I take it before I start exercising. I don’t know if I feel more awake from taking that or just exercising.

I have used doTERRA Trim shake as a meal replacement. It is filling and I do like it mixed with almond milk. I prefer the vanilla to the chocolate but both are good!

I also use Clary Sage and Balance every other day to help with hormones and emotions.

Motivation I Found

My Hubby! He has been very supportive and encouraging. One thing that he said was not to focus on what you can not have but what you can have and find joy in that. Find joy in having self-control.

I was encouraged by Sarah’s blog. She has lost 100 lbs and has kept it off!

I have shared motivational quotes on Facebook and one that I really like “Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”

What I Ate This Week

We are to have 6 small meals or snack throughout the day. I find this hard. Partly because of time and partly because I wasn’t hungry for a meal. There were times I would have a little yogurt after dinner just to fit in the 6th meal.  I can improve this by making my meal portions smaller. I thought I was but reevaluating I am sure there are ways to make them smaller.

Week 1 Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3 Meal 4 Meal 5 Meal 6
Monday Trim Shake(FP) Eggs w/ Veggies &mozzarella cheese (S) Lavish Wrap w/ hommus and Veggies (E) Shrinker Tea Celery & Hommus (FP) Egg Roll in a Bowl (chicken) (FP) Greek yogurt & Cranberries(E)
Tuesday Trim Shake(FP) 1/2 avocado w/Egg & Shrinker & blueberries (1/4c.) 2 Wasa Crackers w/ Chicken Salad, tomatoes (S) Veggies and Hommus (FP) Egg Roll in a Bowl (chicken)(FP) Tuna Cake Broccoli, Tomatoes & FSF (S)
Wednesday Trim Shake(FP) Ezekiel Bread (toast) (E) Veggies & hommus (FP) 2 Wasa Cracker w/Chicken Salad and Tomatoes & yogurt w/berries Salad (S) Yogurt w/berries (FP)
Thursday Trim Shake(FP) Celery w/ LC (FP) Salad (S) Almonds (S) Lavish Wrap w/chicken Salad, Veggies

Greek yogurt (FP)

Friday Trim Shake(FP) Almonds (S) Lavish Wrap w/ hommus and Veggies(E) & Sorbet (free meal) FSF (FP) Carrots w/ homemade dressing (CO)

Greek yogurt (FP)

Saturday Trim Shake(FP) Shrinker Tea (FP) Ruby Tuesday Salad & Soup (-2) (S) Greek Yogurt (FP) Wasa Crackers w/ Hummus & Tomatoes(E) That’s it Bar (E)
Sunday Trim Shake(FP) Shrinker Tea(FP) Cucumbers & Hommus (FP) Salad, Pulled Pork (S) Veggies (FP) Trim Shake(FP)

For those of you who don’t do Trim and Healthy Mama Let me give you a quick run down.

S-Satsifying meal. This meal contains more fat and less carbs. Carbs stay under 10 grams

E- Energizing meal. This meal contains more carbs less fat. Fats stay under 5 grams. Carbs around 40 grams total.

FP- Fuel Pull meal. This meal contains no more than 5 grams fat and 10 grams Carbs. (Fat burning meal)

CO-Cross Over meal. This meal contains more than 5 grams fat and 10 grams of Carbs.

You do not count the carbs in vegetables. And you figure out net carbs. One of the down falls I see or have experiences with Trim and Healthy Mama is portion control.

With Terrafit we get a 1 free meal a week. I had Sorbet with my daughter at the park with week. We went to the park and then there is a little farm next to it that serves ice cream. We shared a small one. Then we had an unplanned trip with my hubby and we went to Ruby Tuesdays. I did eat plan approved food all except ranch on my salad so I had minus 2 points for that.

I’m really bad at remembering to take photos before I eat! So here are a few! Breakfast one are the easier one to picture…everyone is still usually sleep at that time of day!

week 1 synopsis


My Weight loss for this week was 1.6 lbs.

32-1.6=30.4 more to go!

I did not do my measurements I will probably just do those once a month.

My Points

Weight loss Points 23

My cumulative points 802

Our Team  2787


And NOW for the fun 🙂 We are hosting a great giveaway during the Terrafit challenge! We some great products to help you along in your journey to better health and fitness! There will be two winners!

First Winner will get:

  • Pretty Fierce Weight Loss DVD DOWNLOAD
  • Trim Shake
  • 5 Deep Blue Rubs Samples

Second Winner will get

  • Fitness planner
  • doTERRA Slim and Sassy
  • 31 Cool Case Thermal with EO organizing insert
  • 5 Deep Blue Rub Samples

Are you follow this series?

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Preparing for a Terrafit Challenge

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Check out Danielle’s post and see how her first week went!

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    Please Remember, We ARE NOT doctors. We can not and will not prescribe, diagnose or promise a cure. We ARE essential oil users and advocates for our own and your wellness. We desire you to have the best health possible and simply share information. We encourage YOU to BE YOUR OWN ADVOACTE! Do your own Research and study. Decide for yourself what is best for your life and your family.

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  1. So cool!!! Congratulations on your hard work and efforts! Consistency WILL pay off! Keep it up! I’ve never even heard of the Terrafit program! I’d love to check it out! I will say that I am intrigued by incorporating the EOs (and I’m a huge DoTerra EO fan)! 😉
    Thanks for sharing, and for linking up to ‘Favorite Things Friday’ with Simply Rachel & Hip Homeschooling!

  2. This looks like a great challenge! I have done a number of different challenges and they are a great way to stay motivated, especially if you are doing them with a group of other women. Thanks for sharing and linking up at Favorite things Friday. Hope to see you again this week and make sure to add a button or linkback to be eligible to be featured!

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