The Emotional Battle to Lose Weight

The Emotional Battle to Lose Weight #emotionalbattle #weightloss #health

Being on a weight loss journey is a battle! We face a physical, mental, spiritual battle everyday. And on top of that we have all these emotions to deal with. Some that can go deep. There are so many emotions that we deal with daily. Emotional eating can be tied to our past, how we deal with stress, boredom, body image…and most of the time brings guilt, shame, defeat.

The emotional battle that come with being on a weight loss journey will look different for each and every one of us. But as we go through this journey we need to address our emotions.  We will need to learn to deal with our emotions in a healthy way. To get out of the cycle of eating to fulfill or deal with our emotions. Losing weight is not going to deal with our feelings. If we don’t deal with our emotions we most likely won’t lose the weight or we will gain it all back.

Tips for Dealing with The Emotional Battle to Lose Weight


One thing that has helped me on my weight loss journey is to keep a journal. A place to write down your progress and how you are feeling. It is a good way to find a pattern. Is there a certain time of day that it is really a struggle for you? I found that most of the time I snack in the afternoons…mindlessly really…maybe you might say eating out of boredom? As a kid there were a couple of years I spent most of my time home alone besides when I was at school. I watched TV and ate. I can’t blame my choices of today on the past but it does allow me to see where habits were formed and how to deal with it and the emotions that I have at that time of day.  Journaling has helped me to come more aware of my habits, choices, thoughts, excuses and has been one of the best things that I have started to do in the last year.

Food Log

If you’re trying to lose weight this is a must! Keeping a food log will help keep you accountable. Don’t only track what you eat but when. If your food log has a notes section it is a good place to write down your feelings. Did you eat to fulfill some emotional need? Keeping a food log helps you to stay accountable to yourself! It helps you to see any patterns and habit that need to change.

Keeping a food log and a journal will help you develop self-awareness. It is really eye-opening!  This is the fitness planner I use and love!  If you’re looking for a planner for more than fitness I use this one!

Fintness Planner to help aid you in your weightloss journey. #fitness #weightloss


Dealing with emotional eating you will have to identify what triggers you. Do you eat when your stressed? Then you need to identify what makes you stressed. Do you eat out of boredom? Then you need to know what time of day you’re not “doing something” and fill you time- keep your mind and hands busy-stay out of the kitchen 🙂  You need to know what triggers you – what emotions you have when it come to eating and then you will have to make a plan of action to deal with your emotions and change your habits when you have those emotions.


We all need support in this life! Be it trying to lose weight or not we need other people! Finding a person to support and give you the accountability you need is a must. Be it your spouse or a close friend find a person to help you along the way and you can help them! Find a fitness group to take part in. With Facebook and so many other ways to connect on social media you can find lots of fitness groups.


We hear this term a lot now days! And oh is it so important to take time for self-care!  Are you practicing self-soothing by eating or are you practicing self-care by making healthy choices? Make self-care a priority. Make a list of self-care options to take the place of over eating  and other unhealthy habits that you need to change. Make a plan of action to help you deal with your emotions in a way that will better yourself mentally and physically.

As a Christian if you are on a weight loss journey I highly recommend reading Made to Crave! The only one who can truly help us deal with your emotions is Christ. Lysa really point us to desiring God more than food. Turning to HIM instead of food to get through all the trials that life has. This book has been life changing for me!

It’s hard to deal with our emotions so much easier to just eat the ice cream! When we take the time to deal with our feelings and problems we will become healthier people, not just for weight loss and better physical health but healthier emotionally and mentally.

As we are trying to lose the weight we also will have to lose other things along the way…habits, self-image we hold, the food that doesn’t work for us (sugar!!!!). This journey calls for  perseverance.  While we are striving for better health and weight loss we will have to ask ourselves what do I need to let of on this journey?

How do you deal with The Emotional Battle of Losing Weight?

The Emotional Battle to Lose Weight tips for dealing with emotional eating #emotionalbattle



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