The Mental Battle to Lose Weight

The Mental Battle to Lose Weight. #weightloss #fitness

The battle to lose weight is one that effects more than just the physical part of ourselves. Really I believe the mental battle to lose weight is even more challenging. It really all starts in our head. What we think about and how we think. Our thoughts control our actions. What we spend time thinking about will affect how we live our lives.

The Mental Battle to Lose Weight


As you are trying to lose weight you will have to have the right attitude. Having a I can do it attitude will go a lot further and a this is too hard I can’t do it. It is hard for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ But keeping in mind why you embarked on the journey of weight loss and healthy living will help you push forward to reach your goals and stay on track! It is so easy to get negative and down in the dumps and give up it takes some preparation to keep positive thoughts, motivation, and determination at the forefront of your mind. Take time to find inspiring quotes and post them around the house and your phone.ย  Remind yourself of why you trying to lose weight. Remember we all have bad days but don’t let a bad day keep you from staying on course!


When we start something new be it losing weight, home school, a new craft project or a new book. It is easy to have the motivation to start.ย  But when things take longer than we think it is easy to lose that motivation! Find ways to keep you motivated! Keep a journal! Record your starting measurements and weight. Record your non-scale victories too! Look for non scale victories every day. Did you resist the temptation to eat cookies, pizza. Did you work out? Are your clothes fitting more loosely?ย  Find some fitness quotes and put them up around your house where you will see them. Read blogs or watch you tube videos of others who have succeeded in their weight loss in can be very motivated! Set goals small daily, weekly monthly and reward yourself (not with food as a treat).ย  What motivated one person might not motivate you but find what will ๐Ÿ™‚


Keep yourself learning about health and fitness. It’s good to always be learning. Learning didn’t stop when we graduated! Find books, blogs, healthy cook books to read. There is some good information out there! Not everything you read will be right but if you are doing your research you will be able to glean some wonderful knowledge that will help you along your journey. Try to read about one new topic each month or a new fitness/health book. Right now I am reading It Starts With Food.


“Motivation is what gets you started, habits are what keep you going.” This is one quote I have in my kitchen. Hey you don’t want to lose all the weight to gain in all back do you? You have to make permanent healthy changes. Start with one and add another one. They say it takes 21 days to form new habits. You will need to change your thinking habits along with physical habits. And really physical habits wont stick unless you have changed your thinking habits. Positive self talk and journaling are 2 ways to start changing your metal habits. How you view food, exercise, and nutrition will probably need some adjusting ๐Ÿ™‚ (that’s why you need to keep learning!) For changing habits start with just a few and add more as you go on!ย  Maybe start with changing what you eat for breakfast and then add other meals. Start getting enough rest by going to bed at a good time. Start taking care of you! Start journaling your thoughts. Read it and see where you need to change your thinking.ย  Start talking positively to yourself! You are listening ๐Ÿ™‚

The metal battle to lose weight is a HUGE one! The battle to not give into temptations, cravings, lack of motivation, laziness, andย  defeat are so easy. The mental battle to lose weight will take more time and effort than the physical battle to lose weight. When I get off track it’s usually because I have not been working on my mental battle. Taking time to write out goal and review every so often will help you to stay on track (or get back on!).

Take time today to work out your Weight Loss Battle Plan! Find encouraging quotes, scripture, blogs to follow and re-adjust your mental battle where necessary!

The Mental Battle to Lose Weight #fitness #health #weightloss


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