THM Fuel Cycle Round 1

THM Fuel Cycle with Free color coded Menu Plan

I’m sure if you are around the blog sphere at all 😉 You have heard of Trim and Healthy Mama. I have gone between following that and South beach. Both work for me pretty well. And we eat a “whole food” diet not all organic but we don’t eat a lot of processed junk.  THM just came out with their new Trim Healthy Mama Plan and Trim Healthy mama Cookbook. I bought both! I had a PDF copy of the first book so I splurged and bought the new ones. This past week I read the THM Plan book.  The Second book is easy to follow and read compared to the first. The new book has a new layout for the THM Fuel Cycle.

I am also apart of a few different THM groups on Facebook. There are  different challenges starting all the time.  Come join us if your up for a challenge!

One of the THM Challenge groups is to stay on plan for a certain amount of time. These are some of the guidelines they change slightly with each new challenge.

  • Take Starting weight, measurements and photos (you can or cannot share in group)
  • Stay committed to eating on plan foods (crossovers are on plan)
  • Execute the 3 hr rule
  • Drink half of your body weight in ounces, of non caffeinated beverages
  • Try 5 new THM recipes
  • Exercise 4 times a week

A Second Challenge group is a THM Fuel Cycle. There is usually a new challenge each month.

You follow the fuel cycle eating plan. They change it up in their new book some. I have never done one so this will be by first THM Fuel Cycle!!! Soooo Today I did a lot of planning and I want to share it with you all! I planned out my menu for the next 2 weeks. I made a printable of my menu with a basic shopping list.

During the fuel cycle you eat one type of meal for the day (snack can be that fuel type or FP). The new THM fuel cycle has changed so on the seventh day you end with an e meal and on the eighth you start with an e meal.

I have color coded everything for you(well for me too)! And it matches the colors they use in the new cookbook.

S days (deep s no nuts, cheese, and berries) are Red

E days are Orange

FP days are Green

I left the snack boxes white. They can match the day or be FP.

I also labeled the day by Day 1-14 so you can fill out your menu and start on whatever day of the week is best for you!

Also included at the bottom of the is a place to track your water and exercise. Water I will just tally and for exercise I will write how long I did that day.

What I plan do for Exercise

Better Booty Challenge

Cardio each day

Ab exercise every other day. I really need to strengthen my core. I will do Lindsey Brins you can do hers on youtube (I have a lot of her dvds)

Will you join me in getting fit ?

THM Fuel Cycle Free Printables

THM Fuel Cycle with shopping List

THM Fuel Cycle Blank (fill in with your own meals)

THM Salad Dress Recipes Options

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These printables are provided FREE. Please do share the web pages to my printables. But please remember that all of my printables are for personal use. You cannot claim these printables or sell them as your own. All the printables  are the property of Motivated Days.

THM Fuel Cyclewith Free color coded Menu Plan #weightloss #fitness

Please Do.

  • Download the files to your computers and print them off for personal use.
  • Direct people to the blog when sharing with others.
  • Give credit proper back to Motivated Days when blogging about our files.

You May Not

  • Link directly to the pdf file.
  • Alter my files in any way: This means NO CHANGES at all. (This includes screen shots of the pdfs)
  • Store them on your website or other services in any format (This includes hosting them on facebook, drop box and other file sharing or hosting sites.)
  • Seek to use these to drive traffic to your site or sell them in any way.
  • Print off and sell them to others.



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41 comments on “THM Fuel Cycle Round 1

  1. I am certainly liking the sound of the Day 1 option!! What an interesting diet! I’m all for ease of use, I hate measuring food out, but one thing I do need to do is a meal plan. It will certainly help! Will be interesting to see how you get on with this – thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in again this week with an update! Sim xx

  2. Sounds like you have great resources to keep you accountable! I love that you’ve shared the printables too.

  3. I love the meal plans you are sharing. I’m working on eating healthy and drinking more water. I may consider this diet cycle in the Summer as a way to give my body a break from what I’m doing now.

  4. I love how thoroughly you describe what TMH has to offer! You are very knowledgeable! Best of luck with your clean eating! I’m working on it myself.

  5. I can’t wait to try this Fuel Cycle. Thanks for doing all the hard work for me 😉 My one questions is, the recipes that aren’t links, are they from the THM cookbook? If so, old book, or new book? Thanks

    1. Glad you can use it! If it has a page number they are from the new book! Ones that don’t have a link or a page number are just what they say they are, and follow the rules of THM 🙂

      1. Is the new fuel cycle different in the order of days and the length? I just bought the new book and it’s 7 days
        S then fp then e

    1. Your Welcome! For my Cobb salad I use whatever fresh veggies I have on hand lettuce/spinach, cukes, tomatoes, olives, yellow peppers, and usually hard boil egg and chicken. Occasionally I will add avocado too!

    1. I put mine in a round oven pan and roast at 350 for 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. I cook mine breast down, sprinkle my chicken with salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and rosemary. (I don’t measure sorry!)

    1. Hey You can read about the new fuel cycle in the THM Plan book on pages 221-225. One of the reasons (quoted) “We
      prefer people not spend quite as long in a low carb state and this will help with energy levels.”-Pearl. There is a little more discussion about it in the THM FC Facebook group. Hope that helps!

  6. I really want to try a fuel cycle sometime. I love THM and how the plan works, but I usually follow it about 80% of the time. The other 20% I try to eat as clean as possible, but I do consume sugar, mostly date or coconut sugar. Thanks for sharing your fuel cycle plan!

  7. Hi. This migjt be a silly question..When you list “Whole Roasted Chicken” do you mean that for the whole family? Not for just yourself, right? Or are we using that in the recipes later on?

    1. No there is not. THM separates out fats from carbs but no guidelines for calories or portion. If your not familiar with THM I would suggest reading there books.

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