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Welcome back to the 5 after 5! After a long week come and share your list of 5! Each week we will have a new topic for the following Saturday! So think of your great 5 After 5 List and come link up with us! This week is Top Back to School Supplies. Oh school supplies and the dollar bins at target! Oh and don’t forget the books at Barnes and Nobles 🙂 Well because I teach Preschool/daycare out of my home and this is my first year to homeschool my dd kindergarten. Let’s just say we love school supplies…or should I say craft supplies and books? I’ve always loved school supplies really but I love that I have a reason to still buy them!

Top Back to School Supplies

Craft Supplies

Mmm we do a lot of crafts around here…especially paper plate ones! And Letter Collages. So bring on the paint, glue, glitter and all the other  little things which some are just household items like buttons, kidney beans, yarn, M&M! So much fun!  I won’t tell you how much glitter I swept/vacuumed up last week. I know it would make some Mamas/teachers cringe  😉


I have an addiction to books….not just for me but kid books too! And did you know if you’re a Teacher you can get an Educational Card and Barnes and Nobles and all through the month of August they are doing 25% off for teachers on the weekends. I have some wonderful books lined up for my preschoolers/K this year I’m soo excited with what I was able to add to our home library! But we still check out lots and lots of books from our local library! Like 60 at a time.., 🙂 tell me you do too?!?

Games and Toys

Ok we have  games and toys here but this year I added some more learning games and toys to our collection. I get some from target but when researching curriculum for K I found Timberdoodle! Oh my what options they have for learning games and STEM. While I lean more towards and Charlotte Mason/Classical philosophy of Education. I love hands on learning games especially for the younger years and  more so in the winter when we are inside all day.  I didn’t purchase one of their complete kits but I got a lot of their games for preK and K.  I think this was my favorite thing this year to add to our preschool/k curriculum!

KUMON Workbooks

Ok I know I Know workbooks/sheets are not CM! But My dd loves them and daycare parents expect them. I agree I think overall kids learn more by just doing at this age. But my DD has an interest in them so I go with it. I will say theses books have been a perfect fit for us so far. I have purchased some for B&N and Timberdoodle. My dd is probably gifted like her daddy (we just haven’t tested) but a little behind when it comes to fine motor skills. These have helped. We have their cutting, tracing, drawing, folding, and logic books. We usually just do a few pages a week. These have helped her.


I love colored pens especially since I have started to bullet journal. These have become my FAVORITE! And every teacher needs a Favorite pen!



I love notebooks! All different kinds. We use some for preschool journaling. We started to keep nature journals for Kindergarten. I love my bullet journal and well they just come in handy! I get these at target for $.50!


What are your Top Back School Supplies? Link up your own post or leave me a comment!

Next week’s topic is Favorite teachers/subjects/grades.


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