Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp H20

Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp H20 week1 #weightloss #fitness #THM

Welcome to the first week of Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp.  Each week we will be working on a new habit that will help us along in our journey. It is so easy to get into the mind-set that it is all or nothing. While I do think it is important to be working on eating healthy, exercise, good sleep habit and a few more.  This is really going to be baby steps each week.

Be mindful of the habit your working on.

If you mess up in other areas don’t give up and throw in the towel.

Find 1-2 ways to keep yourself accountable during this challenge! Find an accountability partner be a friend or hubby or right here! There will be a check in every Saturday evening. I will share how I did and you can leave a comment I would love to connect!  Keep a fitness log!

Remember it’s a battle and a hard one! Prepare yourself and Keep going!

It takes 21 days to form  a new habit. Each week as we add a new one don’t stop working on the previous weeks habit.

Small changes will add up!

Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp H2O

For the first week of this challenge we are going to work on the habit of drinking more water!  Getting the right amount of water each day is so important! And how many times during the day do you think you might just be thirsty and mistaken the signal your body is trying to give you has hunger? Our bodies need water to function properly!

Drink more water for better health and fitness #weightloss Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp

Water help your body balance body fluids (your body is make up of about 70 % water)

Water helps energize muscles

Water helps your skin look good

Water helps your body get rid of toxins

Water helps you to have normal bowel movements

Water is needed for proper circulation in the body

Water help is digestion

Water helps metabolize fat

Water can help control calories

Water keeps you hydrated

Drinking water is CRUCIAL for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

So how much water do you need to drink each day? There is so much advice out there on this! And many different ways to calculate it! I have found that if you take your weight and divide it in half that is how many ounce you should drink! Here is a good chart she says to divide your weight by 2/3 (67%) She has a nice chart and does all the math for you 😉


For this weeks Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp H20 drink up! Drink lots of water!

Get yourself a good water bottle so you can keep track of how much your drinking.

On Slenderkitchen.com  they said that drinking 16 oz before each meal will help you to not over eat. And that would be 48 oz right there each day if you did that! You need more than that though so keep on drinking throughout the day!

One of my goals is to drink water when I first get up even before my cup of coffee 🙂

Make drinking water fun!  Try some of  Trim and Healthy Mama drinks! You can find some of the recipes on my Pinterest boards THM and Drinks board.

Come back Saturday to see how I did and share with me how your week went in the comments!

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Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp H2O week 1 Come and join me in getting healthy and fit one step at a time! #weightloss #fitness #health #THM

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6 comments on “Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp H20

  1. I use a mason jar as my day2day “cup.” I used to laugh at hubby cuz he introduced me to the idea…. But then during my first pregnancy, i kept refilling my regular mug with water every few minutes. Thats when i switched over to using a mason jar. LOL. I never laughed at hubby again for his quirks.

    One of those jars is 4 cups or 32 oz. 🙂 On average, I drink 3 of those each day, not counting juice and nondairy milk.

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