Weight Loss Affirmations

Weight Loss Affirmations - The importance of positive self talk. #weightloss #fitness #motivation

One of the biggest things that has to change in life and one of the hardest is changing our mindset. How we talk to ourselves.  One of the things my husband has mentioned often is cognitive dissonance.  Sometimes fitting in a new idea in can be hard to wrap our thinking around. It’s like trying to place a square peg into a round hole.

Changing the way we think and changing habits in our lives is hard to do. When trying to lose weight we have to do both. Changing how we think will propel us forward to making healthy habits.

Speaking affirmations to ourselves or positive self talk should be something that we are doing daily and through out the day. Changing the way we think takes effort and a little bit of work.


  1. the act of an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed
  2. the assertion that something exists or is true.
  3. something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.

When trying to lose weight we write out our goals some are long-term and some are for the week. I am all for writing out goals. But what if every morning you write out affirmations for the day. But then speak them to yourself? Say it out loud. Repeat it in your head as you go through the day.

I’m reminded of  Matthew 17:20- And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

In our lives be it trying to lose weight, be a godly parent, keep house or fill in the blank_________. We have to have faith. We have to remove unbelief.

Christ said to have faith even the size of a mustard seed and then the next part of the verse is ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence and it shall be removed.

The action is SAY ; TO SPEAK.

Not only do we need to have that faith we need to speak to our mountain.

What is your mountain in your life? We all struggle with something. We are all trying to overcome.

We need to start our day out with the right mind-set with right thinking. We need to affirm to ourselves that we can succeed. Nothing shall be impossible for you  is how the verse ends. It doesn’t say it will be easy and there wont be struggles but it won’t be impossible!

Weight Loss Affirmations

I will exercise today.

I will make healthy food choices.

I will practice mindful eating.

I will drink my quota of water for the day.

I am going to reach my health goals. 

I will lose 2 lbs this week.

I will feel more comfortable in my clothes.

Your weight loss affirmations should build positive self talk and thinking into your life. It  will push you to reaching your long-term goals. You might even being speaking your goals to yourself.  Thinking on the positives instead of dwelling on the mountain will help you defeat that mountain.

What affirmations will speak to yourself today?

Weight Loss Affirmations - The importance of positive self talk. #weightloss #fitness #motivation


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