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Welcome to Weight Loss Wednesday!


At the end of February I started to reevaluate my weight loss goals and how I was doing. Really I have just been maintaining for the last few months. We have had a lot going on from starting to work from home doing daycare, to major plumbing issue, and my daughter having pneumonia. It just seems it has been one thing after another. As my hubby said last night when it rains it pours!!! So going into March my main goals are to work on my weight loss and overall health. My hubby has been an encouragement to keep focused on that!

I was reading a blog post by what mommy does about how when she was really focused on loosing weight she step up her exercise she was doing about 8 hours a week. This was really inspiring and that is what I have aimed for each week. Along with some other goals. Her weight loss post have been encouraging. Sometimes we need to find something to motivate us along the way!

Also I took the time to look over my goals and why I wanted to lose this weight. It was good to remind myself. I have kept track of my progress along the way but I wanted a specific weight loss goal sheet for just my weight loss goals… I came acrosss this pack on etsy! I fell in love with it! It was so nicely organized and pretty! I wanted to add it to my home management binder. I took the time to fill it out and plan my month. There are several different pages. I’ve started to use the majority of them!



  • Fitness Goal Sheet–This is the main one I wanted out of the pack! At the top of the page you can write your long-term goal and your beginning stats. Then you can write goals out and when you will finish them by. I wrote my monthly goals here. Then there is another area for small goals too. Then you can write your end stats. I decided I would fill one of these sheet out each month. You could use it for longer.Exercise Tracker–I love this sheet too! As one of my goals is to exercise 8 hours each week. This sheet is perfect for keeping track of how much I exercise each day! I use to just write it on my food log but this is great!
  • Measurements–I have kept track of my measurement on an excel spread sheet but it has a been awhile since I have done this! This was a nice reminder that I should do this as it is helpful to see the inches loss along with the weight loss. And sometimes you can lose inches and not pounds.
  • Weight Tracker sheet–I keep track of my weight once a week. Usually on Mondays or I will do it on Wednesday for weight loss Wednesday post. I like that this had a +/- area and a note area. This too I use to keep on my food log! I like being able to see it all in one place.
  • Notes Page– I like the idea of keeping a note or a journal of how I am doing. And it is a great place to write down any motivational quotes.


These are the pages I have used so far but there are other ones included in the pack.

  • Food Log–She also include a food log. I might start using this one but this month I was trying something new by writing out my menu for each meal and following that.
  • Weekly Tracker and two 5 Week monthly tracker of water, food, exercise and calories burned.

I found this packet to be a motivational tool for me and just love it! If you’re looking for some extra motivation go check it out! (not an affiliate link and all opinions are my own).

Check in: Well the first week of March I completed 6 1/2 hours of exercise. I didn’t quite make it 8. I need to do more than an hour most days. I ended up taking 2 days off when I should have only done one. I have lost 1 lb so far and completed 4 miles on the treadmill. How are you doing on your goals for this month??

What tools have you found to help you gain new motivation on your weight loss journey?

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