Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp Breakfast

Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp Breakfast. The importance of eating a healthy breakfast each morning. Building healthy habit for weight loss fitness and health. #THM #weightloss #healthandfitness

Welcome to the third week of Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp.  Each week we will be working on a new habit that will help us along in our journey. It is so easy to get into the mind-set that it is all or nothing. While I do think it is important to be working on eating healthy, exercise, good sleep habits and a few more.  This is really going to be baby steps each week.

Be mindful of the habit your working on.

If you mess up in other areas don’t give up and throw in the towel.

Find 1-2 ways to keep yourself accountable during this challenge! Find an accountability partner be a friend or hubby or right here! There will be a check in every Saturday evening. I will share how I did and you can leave a comment I would love to connect!  Keep a fitness log!

Remember it’s a battle and a hard one! Prepare yourself and Keep going!

It takes 21 days to form  a new habit. Each week as we add a new one don’t stop working on the previous weeks habit.

Small changes will add up!

The last couple of weeks we have worked on drink LOTS of Water and keeping a Fitness Journal!

This week we will be working starting the day right with BREAKFAST! A health breakfast that is 🙂

Benefits of Eating Breakfast

Increase Energy– Eating breakfast gives your body the food it need to replenish your blood glucose levels after a 8-12 hrs fast between dinner and breakfast (hence where the name comes from BREAK-FAST=breakfast 🙂 ) Glucose is your main energy source. By eating breakfast you fight fatigue and fuel your brain YEAH!  It will help your function right! And who doesn’t want to start the day off on the right foot!

Increased Concentration–  If you have fed your body in the morning giving you  the fuel you need it will help to concentrate-better problem solver, improve attention span, eye and coordination. Hey mama its good for you and your family to all be getting a good breakfast each morning!

Helps with Healthy Weight – By eating balanced meals throughout the day starting with breakfast. It can keep you from binge eating later in the day at other meal and snacking too much! Eating breakfast helps to fuel your metabolism

A Healthy breakfast Provides your Body the Right Nutrition– Not just eating anything for breakfast but a healthy one. GET RID OF THE COLD CEREAL!  Eating breakfast gives you the opportunity to get in a healthy protein, veggies and/or fruit and/or grains (if you eat them). By eating  healthy breakfast you give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly.

Eating breakfast everyday may decrease your risk of obesity and insulin resistance. IF you’re trying to lose weight (me!) then eating breakfast should be a habit that we accomplish!

Eating breakfast may help protect your heart.

Eating a breakfast that contains protein will help you to feel full the longest. Carbs make you feel full quicker but wears off quickly.

There are many benefits to eating breakfast! This weeks Boot Camp Habit to work on  is to eat a healthy breakfast each morning and record it in the fitness planner! Follow the eating plan/diet that you have chosen. I will be doing Trim and Healthy Mama (THM). I sometimes follow THM and South Beach at the same time. And it works pretty well for me.  Below you will find my breakfast menu for this week. I am trying to get better at menu planning! In the coming weeks I will (hopefully) include my menu plan for all meals! And my Menu Plans are color coordinated!

For those of you who are doing THM too I usually stick to a S breakfast as it does keep me fuller than E. I do try to switch it up some.


MondayProtein  Packed Smoothie (FP meal)

Tuesday- Eggs with Veggies and Bacon (S meal)

WednesdayBreakfast Salad (S meal)

Thursday– Big Boy Smoothie (pg 414) (FP meal)

Friday– Eggs with Veggies and Bacon  (S meal)

Saturday– Choco Secret Big Boy (pg 415) (FP meal)

Sunday– Oatmeal with apple and Thin Thick (pg 422)

All page number go to the new THM cookbook

Our new habit this week is a healthy breakfast but don’t forget to continue with drinking LOTS of water and keeping a fitness journal! So glad you have joined me on this journey of Weight Loss Habit Boot camp to gain better health and fitness! Leave me  a comment I would love to encourage you on your journey!

Weight Loss Habit Boot Camp Breakfast. The importance of eating a healthy breakfast each morning. Building healthy habit for weight loss fitness and health. #THM #weightloss #healthandfitness

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  1. I never understand how people skip breakfast. You shared so many great reasons not to! My diet some days goes downhill after breakfast…but I make it a priority to start my day off right!

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