Weight Loss Habits Boot Camp

Weight Loss Habits Boot Camp. Taking small steps to make big changes! #weightloss #health #fitness

Weight Loss Habits Boot Camp

Losing weight isn’t easy. Following a diet can be hard… it’s not that knowing what to do is hard it is sticking with it. Making it a lifestyle a habit to choose healthy over what we like or want. But as you start to change your habits and they become permanent it become easier and then when you get off track… you know you just had to  have Starbucks (my weakness even though I KNOW how bad it is for me) fill in the blank of what your ________weakness is. It just doesn’t taste the same. Or you get into a good routine of working out and then you miss a day and man can you tell a difference…not in the direction the scale is moving but in how you feel your mood, your energy levels you name it.  Forming healthy habits and breaking bad habits take time. and LOTS of discipline and you know what sometimes you just fall off the ban-wagon all together and have start over. Have you ever been there? I HAVE! ME! Oh yes I have failed many times Really I just had Starbucks last night( by the time this goes live though it will have been a few days.) I have decided I need a WEIGHT LOSS HABITS BOOT CAMP!

Do you need one too?

Each week I want to post a new habit to work on.  When trying to lose weight there are many different things that have to be changed! AND focusing on one area and adding another one every few days or each week can help to make lasting habits stick!

My plan is to post a new habit to work on each Monday. And I would like to do a check in on Saturday evenings. Come and join me for this Weight Loss Habits Boot Camp!

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Share in the comments if you will be joining me! Would love to connect with you all!


Week 1

Week 2


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