Weight Loss Stop Doing List

Weight Loss Stop Doing List #weightloss #fitness

When your trying to lose weight you probably already could come up with a list of what you should be doing.

To Do List

  • Cut out Junk Food
  • 6 Healthy Meals 3 hours part
  • Eat lots of Vegetables and fruits
  • Exercise
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Find Accountability
  • Keep a food Log
  • Find Motivation
  • And really the list could keep going on…

And these are all good things and Yes we should be aiming for healthy habits in our lives.

In the Book Breaking Busy by Alli WorthingtonĀ  she states, “Our lives have gotten so cluttered with things we think we should do that we can’t figure out what we were meant to do. Let your life be about what you were meant to do, not full of what you think you should do. This starts with your daily decisions about how you spend your time.”

She encourages you to make a Stop doing list. Could this not also apply to our weight loss journey? What should be on our Weight Loss Stop Doing List?

A Stop Doing list is a list of item you intentionally stop doing, so you can focus your time and energy on your priorities.

Alli Worthington suggest that the best way to know what you should stop doing is to ask yourself the following questions:

What is sucking the life right out of me?

Does this activity get me closer to reaching my goals?

Now Breaking Busy is about your life as a whole but I think this can definitely be applied to one specific area too…Weight Loss. Here is my Weight Loss Stop Doing List!

Weight Loss Stop Doing List

  • Stop Negative Self Talk
  • Stop finding excuses
  • Stop Caving to Cravings (ha it rhymes šŸ˜‰ working on rhyming with my 3 yr old)
  • Stop Selling Yourself Short
  • Stop the I Can’t
  • Stop Saying I will Start Tomorrow
  • Stop Putting Your Health on the Back Burner
  • Stop Giving Up on YOURSELF

There are times that I find myself doing the things on my Stop Doing List more than what is on my To Do list. And IF I am really going to reach my weight loss goals this has to change. Isn’t that what I am aiming for change?Ā  It comes down to commitment to myself. To push myself to be healthier, to reach my goals, to make myself a PRIORITY!

Today starting right now I am going to focus onĀ  my Weight Loss Stop Doing List. I’m going to stop giving up on MYSELF and I’m going to cheer myself on to reach my goals! How about you?

What would you add to the Weight Loss Stop Doing List?

Weight Loss Stop Doing List #weightloss #fitness




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