What Not to Do with Your Essential Oils

provence-725856_1920By now most of you know that I am in love with essential oils. If you haven’t heard about how I was introduced to EOs  check it out here. Essential oils are an amazing natural therapeutic tool that can be used for a myriad of purposes. They are relatively safe, versatile, easy to use and can last a long time. Learning how to take proper care of your essential oils and how to properly use them on yourself can ensure that you too fall in love with these God given oils. If you store your oils properly they can last you years! Some oils such as frankincense and cedarwood are like good cheese and get better with age. Other oils especially citrus oils weaken in potency quickly when stored improperly. Essential oils don’t really “go bad” but they will loose their effectiveness.

When I first started using oils I did not know a lot about them. After some research and studying I was pleased to find that I didn’t need a chemist degree to use my new found oils. Learning some basic Dos and Don’ts and using good common sense can keep you safe while using your oils and allow you to enjoy them longer.

Below I have complied a list of what not to do with your essential oils. It is divided into two categories, Protecting Your Oils and Protecting Yourself. Remember that Essential oils are amazing and powerful. With that power comes responsibility. Make sure to always follow good safety rules. If you are unsure about how to use an oil do your own research. You can find resource guides here to make your research easier.

Protecting your Oils:

~ Do not leave oils in extreme temperatures (hot cars, freezer, near windows)

~ Do not place oils in direct sunlight

~ Do not store oils in plastic containers (Some oils will actually break down the plastic)

~ Do not leave the lids off your oil bottles (this will speed up the oxidation causing the oil to loose its potency.)

~ Do not boil or heat your oils in anyway to distribute them aromatically. They will loose all therapeutic value. (If you are interested in a diffuser you can contact me and I will share with you my favorites.)

~ Do not use oils in a hot tub.


Protecting Yourself:

~ Use oils undiluted with caution. Some oils my cause skin irritation when used undiluted.

~ Do not expose skin that has had photosensitive oils applied to it with in the last 12 hours to sun light. (examples of photosensitive oils are citrus oils. Many times I will place these over my heart or on the bottom of my feet to reduce the risk of sun exposure.)

~ Never put oils in your ears, eyes or nose.

~ If you accidentally get oils in your eye don’t flush your eye with water. This will cause the oil to drive deeper in causing more pain and possible damage. Use a carrier oil (olive oil, grape seed oil or coconut oil) to draw the oil out.

~ Do not use oils in a way you are uncomfortable with. You need to do your own research and be comfortable with your choice of application and use.

~ Do not allow children to play with the oils. (Residue from the oils will remain on the outside of the bottle from handling after use. Children could get this residue on their skin or eyes and cause pain or injury.

~ Use caution when using oils before or after being in water (shower, pool etc.). Sometimes skin irritation will occur due to your pores being more open and the water driving the oils into our skin.


Remember to always do your own research. If you take prescription drugs or have a medical condition consult an expert about what oils you may want to avoid. Always be your own advocate for your health!





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