What’s in your Oil Bag?


What’s In Your Oil Bag

Once you start using Essential Oils to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you want to take those oils with you… Every where! Now I don’t know about you, but I have ummm… well more oils then I’d rather admit on print and a large wooden box that they are all neatly organized in. I could become that weird lady carrying my 9 month old, large wooden box of oils with my toddler holding onto my leg, but I already have enough titles to my name and things in my hands.

So as much as I love oils, I love bags! I have small bags and big bags, shopping bags, green bags, white bags, cheap bag, expensive bags. My husband actually banned me from buying more bags. Deciding to make a Carry Oil Bag was just a natural progression. (And I got to buy a new bag 😉 )

Now I have one oil bag that I fit all my “Top” oils in and any other items I need for everyday carrying. This bag is small enough to drop into my diaper bag or carry in my hand if need be. I’d like to share with you what items I keep in my oil bag and why I have chosen those items.

My Every Day Oils:

Lavender- Lavender is an amazing oil. It can be used to sooth occasional irritated skin, calm an upset tummy, help relax your nerves and even help sooth muscle tension.

Peppermint- I love Peppermint Oil! It is great for settling an occasional upset tummy, soothing tension in the neck and head, helps break up nasal congestion and a drop on your tongue can help that halitosis mid-day. It also makes a great “pick-me-up” for your day by helping boost energy.

Wild Orange- Citrus oils smell amazing! Wild Orange is especially good for boosting energy, helps you feel happy, controls sugar cravings and can help with focus. I also use it on my baby’s gum when she is teething to sooth the pain associated with cutting teeth.

Protective Blend- This is an oil blend that helps to support your immune system. If I start to feel a little cold coming on or I am around people who are sick (or just general public) I will use a drop of oil to help boost my immune system to keep me healthy.

I usually have an other oil or two floating in my bag depending on my needs for the day or my activity plans. Melaleuca, Lemon, and Respiratory Support Blend can usually be found in my bag as well.

Other Items I keep in my bag:

Hand sanitizer- Find the recipe I use in one of my previous post here.  Store bought sanitizer are drying on your skin and tend to be full of chemicals I would rather not put on my body.

Deodorant- Ok, so I’m admitting this for the first time in a public setting. I make my own deodorant. Yes, I am “one of those”. Home made deodorants are so much better for your body, but tend to need to be applied more often, therefore I keep a deodorant in my oil bag.

Lip Balm- I love my Peppermint and Wild Orange lip balm. It is so refreshing and keeps my lips moist and smooth.

I love having my oils on hand for every day, anywhere use! Now when we are leaving I just grab my bag and go! I no longer am searching for oils at the last minute and trying to stuff them into my pant pockets.

**BONUS- Your Oil Bag Smells Amazing!**

Do you have a way for keeping your must have oils on you at all times? What oils or products are your must haves?

If you need help finding oils or would like to purchase quality oils please feel free to contact me at babygreenbean@live.com

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What's in your Oil bag? A guide for what to keep in your essential oil carry bag.

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4 comments on “What’s in your Oil Bag?

  1. Great ideas on what to carry around! I think it’s awesome that you make your own deodorant, where did you find a good recipe? I’d like to maybe try it sometime!
    I found you at Intentional at Home, thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you Hannah! I’ve tried a couple different recipes and scanned a dozen others. I like this recipe from The Everything+Soap Blog It has simple ingredients and no baking soda. Do not substitute the Meleluca (Tea Tree) Oil, but feel free to do the 10 drops of another oil. I like Wild orange, Lavender, and Clary Sage in my deodorant. I’ve never had it melt, but it will become softer if left in a hot car. I also do not refrigerate mine as I feel like it becomes to hard for my liking.

  2. So cool that you make your own deodorant and lip balm (which sounds amazing!) I love to diffuse oils in our living room. It makes everything smell good, plus it has added benefits that you can’t get from a scented candle. I also have some roller ball oils too.

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