When The World Stops and Life Hits: Honest Confession of when a Health Nut Falls

ache-19005_1920Today started like any other day. After being woke up by my 6 m old, Baby A at 2 am, then kissing my husband good bye at 2:30, then being woke up at 4 and 6 again by Baby A, I hear my 2 ½ year old singing in her bed at 7. This means my day had official begun!

I drink my 16-32 oz. of water, then we eat our oatmeal and on and on our day goes. Just like normal. Until my husband, who left for work at 2:30 am, comes home late due to an after work meeting and can only get a very short nap before running off to another engagement. The girls and I decide to go play outside on this bright sunny afternoon, and that is where things really begin to spiral downhill! My 2 year old (who is all dressed up in her pretty Sunday dress and silver shoes) asks to go for a walk to “find dinosaurs!” (They roam free everywhere in our neighborhood! J) We had a leisurely walk picking buttercups along the way and running from the occasional tyrannosaurus the pops its ugly head out of the trees. Baby A was merely bobbing up and down on my hip all the way. That is when it happened! When the world came to an End! At least for a 2 year old. She ran so hard, so fast, she was doing so well! If only that foot hadn’t betrayed her and tripped her up. There she was lying in the middle of the road crying, bleeding, now invalid and needing her mommy! I picked her up and took her to the grass where we could asset the damage. Thankfully we were only a few houses away from home. Remember my 6 month old is on my hip, meaning poor, crying, bleeding, invalid toddler has to limp all the way home.

My usually tough girl has now been screaming for 30 mins only wanting her Mommy! And Baby A? She is fussing to be nursed and then feed lunch. Hubby is running around trying to get ready for his next meeting while only half awake. I may or may not have cleaned Baby A’s spit up off the floor with my jacket sleeve. My toddler sat on my lap during lunch while I feed her sister in the highchair. One cries and then the other follows.

It just builds and builds all the rest of the day until this moment! This moment where the only sounds I hear are the dishwasher, my TV and the clicking of my keys. And what do I choose to snack on while sitting here? Veggies and hummus? No they are still in the fridge. An apple and peanut butter? Um, no. I willingly and purposefully run out (daddy is back home of course), buy a pack of OREOs that I am now dipping into my organic milk and consuming one by one. (I may or may not eat the whole box, at least one sleeve. :-/ )

This is real life folks! Living a life of health is a journey. I have these moments where I just need to jump off the boat and float in the cold water, eating the yummy goodness of junk. For the moment I’ll pretend that Monsanto doesn’t exist and that the artificial ingredients won’t do me harm. But tomorrow, I will wake up at 2, 2:30, 4, 6, and 7. I’ll drink my 16-32 oz. of water, eat my oatmeal, drink my protein shake for lunch and eat my vegetarian pasta dish for dinner. I’ll climb back in the boat, clean off the film from the water that my life boat protects me from and give my body what it really needs.

Bad days happen! Sometimes you just need Oreo’s and milk to wash away the stress. Then you wake up to a new day pick up where you left off and move on. Don’t get discouraged, It’s Just real life!


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