Why I Don’t Used Deodorant and What I Use Instead

Why I don't use deodorant and what I use instead. #health #essentialoils

Many years ago probably when I was in college (maybe even high school) I started to get swollen glands under my arms. It took me awhile to figure out that it was because of my deodorant.

ALMOST every deodorant that you will find in the store is a antiperspirant.  And what do they use to make you stop sweating? Aluminum.  Which is not good for you. NOT GOOD!!!!!

When I stopped using it-viola no more swollen glands.

I thought I would have to live with smelling bad and let me tell you NO ONE wants to smell bad and NO ONE wants to be around someone who smells.

I’m not willing to use a deodorant that had aluminum in it.

So I  started to buy natural deodorants. These are not antiperspirants. Which really your body sweats for a reason. It’s a good thing it sweats.

Natural deodorant just didn’t work. I was still stink’n by the end of the day. Sometimes I would re apply or change my shirt.

I even tried making homemade deodorant and nope nada still didn’t work and umm it gave me a rash.

But not anymore!

What causes you to have stinky odor under your arms? It’s not sweat. Sweat doesn’t have an odor as it is primarily made up of water and salt. But it is the bacteria that tends to be attracted the areas where you sweat the most.

Your Body sweats for a reason! You don’t want to use an antiperspirant but deal with the bacteria!

What I Do Instead Of Using Deodorant


Showering daily. Keeping yourself clean will help to deal with body odor. Most body odor comes from under arms, thighs, and feet. Keep ‘m clean.  Make sure you dry thoroughly with a clean towel afterwards.

I use a new towel everyday.  Which means more laundry but I have come to the conclusion a new towel is a must!


This is the key! Use a good body soap. One that will deal with body odor- with the bacteria. I have never found a soap in the store that actually keeps me smelling fresh all day long. We have also been removing harmful chemicals from our home. The Soap that we have started to us is Neem Tea Tree Sulfur Bentonite Handmade Soap. And no I don’t make it ( I just don’t have time for that)! We buy it on eBay. This is the MOST important thing! Get yourself a good body soap!

The great thing about this soap is there are NO chemicals or petroleum in it. NO animal lard, sulfates or preservatives.

It Keeps me clean all day. No body odor!  ALL DAY LONG!

natural deoderant


Keep those underarms nice and smooth ladies! No hair means no place for bacteria to collect. Don’t skip. It take less than 2 min to shave my underarms everyday.  Shave first then wash.

I also leave a little lather of soap on (only under my arms) and pat dry when I get out 🙂

Ladies take the time to shower and shave everyday! Even if it means getting up early or doing it right before bed. I personally shower in the morning and I still wake up with no odor. I rarely skip a day anymore.


Wear clean clothing everyday. I grew up in a household where I was taught to use the same bra multiple days in a row. Where I only had 2.  We don’t wear undies or socks more than once so why was I with bras?!   I am all about having good fitting quality bras! I had to change my habits and mind-set when it comes to my clothing.

I now own more than 2 and wear a new one everyday. We have been decluttering, I wouldn’t call us minimalist at all but if it’s not in your budget or you keep your wardrobe on the small side…then do laundry more often.

I pay quite a bit for my bras and if your going to get them to last remember to wash in a garment bag and to hang dry them.

When in college I had a roommate that had bras that matched her undies and at the time I thought why? I’m not sure if it was to match or if her mother had taught her the importance having a clean one everyday.

This has been a journey. Sometimes it takes awhile to find what works! But what I love about this is that it really isn’t anymore difficult than what I was doing before! First Shower, shave and wash with a soap that will deals with the bacteria. Then wear clean clothing everyday. All of this is important! But the key is the soap 🙂

Have you found natural ways to deal with body odor? What works for you?


Why I don't use deodorant and what I use instead. #health #essentialoils



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