Why I’m Doing a Terrafit Challenge

I started to use essential oils a few months ago. I just love what I have learned and wanted to incorporate more into my daily life! As I was searching and have joined so Facebook pages I learned about the  Terrafit Challenge. I really started to learn more about it.  I was inspired!!! I wanted to take that inspiration and use it to keep me motivated in my weight loss journey.

terrafit challenge

Terrafit is “The Biggest Loser from Home, a 90 day program that will get you moving, eating better, and progressing toward your fitness goals like never before.” It is a program that has you compete as an individual and on a team for rewards, the greatest reward is better health and life style!

During the Terrafit challenge you earn point each day for:

  • Exercising for 30 min (can earn more by using their DVDs)
  • Drinking water
  • Eating 4 servings of Veggies a day
  • Eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones
  • Not eating after 8 PM
  • Not eating unhealthy foods
  • Using Essential oils and  Trim Shake
  • And each week you earn point for how much weight you loss.

Why I’m Doing a Terrafit Challenge

  1. Accountability I need accountability. It is so easy to step off the right path and I want someone to help keep me motivated and accountable to my goals. By being apart of a challenge I need to keep myself accountable for me and for my team. I want to reach my goals and of course I would love to win.
  2. Competition- I would never have said I was a competitive person. Yes, I will be competing against other but really the biggest competition will be against myself. I will have to  compete against the urges to not exercise, not eat healthy, to have self-control, to keep my motivation.
  3.  Motivation- To have to report and answer to others give me motivation. I feel like I do a pretty good job keeping myself motivated but I think right now doing this challenge will give me that extra nudge to get past where I am.
  4. Healthy Diet- Terrafit encourages and healthy diet. The rules do allow you to pretty much follow what diet plan you want to be it Trim and Healthy Mama, Whole foods, Paleo, GF or DF your can do Terrafit. I am sticking with THM. There are a few items that are not allowed by Terrafit and vise versa but over all I can/will make it all work!
  5. Essential Oils- I have been trying to incorporate essential oil into my daily living and on this challenge they help you do just that!
  6. Weight Loss (duh!!!) This is a weight loss challenge and that is probably the main reason I joined 🙂

What I hope to gain/accomplish by the end of this challenge:

  • Weight Loss of 32+ lbs
  • Control and Consistency of Healthy eating habits
  • Incorporating oils
  • Need of new wardrobe
  • Better physical endurance

Check out Danielle’s post she has joined the challenge!

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I’ve made my choice!


Want to join the Challenge? Join here!


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  1. That sounds like an awesome idea and I would love to do something like this, but I am not sure it is meant for someone in my “age bracket” LOL Also, with an ongoing knee injury, I don’t know how I would fare with those kind of workouts. But I certainly need some challenges in this area.

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