Why Trim Healthy Mama’s Need Goals with Grace


As a Trim Healthy Mama I have the books and I have read them and followed them off and on for a couple of years. Some-days I am a Trim Healthy Mama and well other days I just fall of the ban wagon! Have you ever been there?

Try to commit to follow the plan and making it a lifestyle?

Tell yourself I will do better the next day.

I will start over in 3 hrs.

And then well just give up.

Trim Healthy Mama’s need GOALS with Grace!

Goals with Grace has made me sit and examine how I have been setting goals. Do I have the right priorities? Are they even realistic goals!

If we are going to make Trim Healthy Mama a lifestyle and not just some fad diet to follow for a short time it is going to take some planning and goal setting.

“Long term goals and dreams are what helps spur you on to accomplish the everyday, ordinary goals for today.”

Why Trim Healthy Mama's Need Goals With Grace. #goalswithgrace #THM

Why Trim Healthy Mama’s Need Goals with Grace

Personal Mission Statement

Do you have a  personal mission statement? I didn’t either until I completed Goals with Grace. A mission statement will guide you and will be rooted in what you value most. Goals with Grace will help you to identify what your priorities really are? Do you really value your health and fitness? Not only will having a personal mission statement help you with your health a fitness but with your family, work,  and other goals you have in life.

“Having identified my priorities and setting a mission statement not only helps dictate how I spend my time, but it also helps me set goals and make plans for the year.”

Priority Based Goals

Goal setting- we have ALL been there. We set a goals…we might write it them down… and then we might accomplish it, forget about it, or just give up. Goals with Grace will help you to identify what your priorities in your life are right now. Then based on what they are you can set your goals. Goals with Grace will walk you through each step of setting goals based on your priorities. It will help you to write out task and set a time frame to reach each task for each goal. You will set PSMART Goals.

  • Priority Based
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time Based

When I looked back on my worksheets if I had a goal that did not fall under one of my priorities it was not made into a goal. My goals HAVE TO align with my priorities. It can be so hard as Mama’s to make ourselves a priority! But if you’re going to improve your health, fitness, and Make Trim Healthy Mama a lifestyle you will need to make yourself a priority! Goals with Grace will guide you each step of the way. There are video tutorials for each chapter! And Oh are they so helpful! Not only will you be able to set health goals but family goals, work goals, parenting goals and any other goals that fall under your priorities. Trim Healthy Mama’s Need Goals with Grace!

Goals with Grace How to set priority based goals. A system that works #goalswithgrace

“No Matter what the Calendar says, today is the best day to sit down and make some real goals to help you live with more intention and purpose.”

Action Planner

I would say this is my favorite part that is included in the Goals with Grace! But unless you have accomplished the Goals with Grace Guide you won’t be able to use the Action Planner. And oh this is the best reason Why  ALL  Trim Healthy Mama’s Need Goals with Grace! By the time you have completed Goals with Grace you will know what your goals are and have little task to complete to reach your goals.

Think about your health goals. Usually they are pretty big but to reach those big goals you need small goals along the way. But without an Action Planner-taking a planner and PLANNING on how you will reach each goal daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly (some goals take  a year or 2!) Goals can get lost along the way. Did I do that step? Am I on task? Will I meet my goal on time? What do I need to adjust? The Action Planner will help you to do just that!

If you are a Trim Healthy Mama and you are serious about reaching your health and fitness goals-Goals with Grace is just for you! You will not be disappointed!

“Now a word of caution on grace-based goals, while there is room for grace it’s also not an excuse to not accomplish anything.”

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Why Trim Healthy Mama's Need Goals With Grace. #goalswithgraceWhy Trim Healthy Mama's Need Goals With Grace. #goalswithgrace #THM

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