Winter Month Toddler Activities

It’s that time of year when we become stuck inside and finding activities for little ones is a must or go crazy…. right! Well my daughter is almost 2 and has a bunch of energy that she needs to get out. One morning last week she woke up was in her bed saying, “run run run running!” I got her up and that she what she did! She was running all around the house! My good friend Erika gave her butterfly wings for Christmas and Sophie will put them on and run around! That is one one to get her energy out 🙂 I thought I would share some of the activities we have been doing this winter.

  1.  Bean bag toss. I made some bean bags a few months ago.  We toss them into a basket or we put them on our heads to see if we can balance them. 
  2. Red light Green light. OK I started to play this game to teach Sophie to stop when I said STOP! We really started this by holding hands and saying go and stop. She caught on real quick! 
  3. Play doh. We get out all the cookie cutters and open up about 5 different colors of play doh and go at it! She love play doh. This is an activity that she can do on her own for a short period of time too. 
  4. Bath Tub paints. Let them paint away. Then rinse it out and let them take a bath! We usually do this before nap time!  
  5. Crafts. My daughter loves all things craft. Even though she is not 2 yet and can’t do it all and needs my help she love it! Especially anything that involves paint! 
  6. Fort building. Mmm I would not say that I am a great fort builder. We pile up all the couch cushions on the floor and Sophie climbs on them. I might get a blanket out and make a tunnel between the couch and coffee table. 
  7. Balls. We have a TON of balls a lot of tennis ball (my hubby likes to juggle with them) Sophie likes to chase them! We have a long kitchen SO I will throw them all at once and she chases them and brings them back. I try to get her to throw them to me but she won’t! Or We play on the exercise ball. She loves to bounce on it
  8. Simon Says. We just started playing this game. I just tell her to do something and she does it. Pat your head. Stomp your feet, Touch your nose etc… 
  9. Sensory bins. You don’t need a fancy sensory table to do this. You can use a plastic bin or a large bowl really. Here are some ideas of things to use: ice, water, snow, rice, beans, corn starch and water, noodles, popcorn kernels, pudding, oatmeal, cool whip, etc…. 
  10. Bubbles. Let them get all those bubbles. Clap ’em, Stomp ’em, Pop ’em! 
  11. Dance Freeze. Play music and have them dance, clap, stomp, march, get moving(!) etc. until you stop them music and then do it again!
  12. Cooking. Sophie loves to help mommy in the kitchen. She love to make smoothies and bread probably the most. 

The best activity my child and probably yours will enjoys the most though, is doing anything with YOU! Just being present and interacting with them! No interruptions! Take time out of your busy day today and devote someone one one time to your child(ren)! Build great memories with them that will keep the winter cabin fever away!

Need some more ideas my friend MaryEllen put together a book of activities for toddlers and preschoolers. You can check it out here. (not an affiliate link).

What activities do you do with your kids during the winter?

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